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The Story

The idea of Omni-Impressions was born one day as I sat with my friend by her family pool.  She and I had similar marketing experience and both were thinking about getting back into the corporate world. Chatting about what we liked about a marketing company we had both worked for and what we didn’t. One of the things I find extremely mind numbing is a corporate web-site that is afraid to commit to a real service. You may know the type. The site is so busy trying to be politically correct, using as much technical mumbo-jumbo and as many acronyms as possible. You continue to ask yourself, “So what do they sell?” Am I finding what I am looking for?”Eventually the consumer gets so bogged down trying to understand the language they leave and go to the next search result. The conversation continued, and the subject changed to “Wouldn’t it be neat if…” and we started idea dumping. Not only did I have an awesome idea for a neat product but it could be used as a fund-raiser for churches and we could design pens and coffee mugs… At some point we got a pencil and paper and began writing down the fantastic ideas that actually may come to life but the burden of “if only” we had the funds, “if only” we had the smarts, “if only, if only”… that negative thinking kept pushing a cloud over our bright light.  Nevertheless, the ideas kept morphing into newer and more grandiose until finally a decision was made to start… somewhere. We agreed and we got together several times and did some more brain storming and e en talked to a couple of mutual friends to get some more insight. Then it happened. Life happened… and I lost my partner in “idea crime” we drifted apart. Kind of a sad story, but no need for tears. I had an urgent need to get focused on my career and I am so grateful to my friend for the time we spent working together. As I considered the business ideas I thought about wh t we had discussed and my gifts and business experience. The new ideas all had one characteristic in common. They all were web-site based. (okay make that music noise duhn duh duhn)

I am blessed with a business mind. However having a love of art and desire in my heart to be creative can lead to boredom in the business world. My favorite part of business is creating it! Setting up the bookkeeping, arranging the layout of the store, making "SAVE NOW" signs, developing the marketing strategy. Then the ads, logos and letterhead. Did I mention forms? Oooo... love a good form!

Omni-Impressions is an artistic graphic design company that helps individuals and locally owned businesses.  The goal of Omni-Impressions is to help its customers develop a brand that clear, honest and relevant.