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2017 Logo Design Special



2017 SEO Promo



Get a logo that is scalable and easy to drop into any form?  Do you need to freshen up a current logo or create a completely new one?

Omni-Impressions offers a package that includes the style guide and all the versions you need.  The files will be scalable and in the right file formats, color and black and white.


Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting your website  found on-line . We have a short interview form for customers to fill out and the rest of the work is done in house.



2017 Social Media Promo



2017 Ad-Free Hosting

$12.50 per month


A great way to catch up with social media and the business aspects of it.  With one easy form and a few pictures.  Omni will set up all your Social Media business pages for you.


No hidden fees.  No Ads on your page that you don’t want there.  Keep your real-estate on the web clean and your customers will appreciate you even more!


2017 Web Design Package

2017 New Business Print Package

Whether you need a simple web presence or a 20 page site Omni-Impressions can deliver.  All sites are responsive to the screen size of the user no matter what kind of device they are using to find you.  They can call you right from the site or get directions to you with a tap of a button.  Omni-Impressions delivers results that are elegant, clear, and relevant to your brand.

Omni will only charge  you for the products you need.  No unnecessary charges. Discounts for payment upfront.  An honest, realistic time frame for work to be completed. Get started with Jane’s guide to getting found on the web!


Pens, magnets, T-shirts, Flyswatters, Pins, and more… There are many printers out there selling products like this for your business.  I love the stuff when I get it.  However, swag for your customers can be a gamble.  Especially when you don’t have a design that is made for the product.  Some printers offer free templates and designs but they usually lack your brand personality.  Omni-Impressions can help you get set up with any swag you are looking for and help you get that design perfect!


It can be a mind numbing task trying to build a platform that will work without breaking the bank.  I have spent countless hours doing it the hard way.  Today you can benefit from all my mistakes and save so much time and money.  Branding and SEO doesn't have to be expensive or complicated.  In just a few minutes you can implement what took me over a year to figure out.  There are some details and decisions to make but you can do this!


Omni-Impressions is an artistic graphic design company that helps individuals and locally owned businesses.  The goal of Omni-Impressions is to help its customers develop a brand that clear, honest and relevant.